Using Color to Sell a Home

Choosing the right paint color can impact the sale of a home. Start on the outside: simple color schemes can make any home look well-cared for and modern. Choose a deep red or green for the front door and paint the shutters a complementary color. Weather and sunlight fade even the brightest colors making them appear old and dingy. Look at the colors of the homes in the neighborhood and choose colors that harmonize.

Interior paint colors can increase your profit potential. Entryways should bring the exterior colors into the house. Repeating several shades throughout will make the entire home harmonious. When choosing pain colors think neutral – soft beiges, tans or greens will appeal to the largest number of purchasers. Don’t choose start white – it shows off every little wall imperfection and makes furnishings look cold and sterile. Soft colors provide the best backdrop for most homeowner’s furniture and accessories. Need help choosing the best color? Call us at 301.774.5006 or visit our website for more information.

The Psychology of Color

Ever wonder why you find yourself attracted to a certain color? The following are some common colors and personality traits that match.

Red – Almost always optimistic and stimulating, those who prefer red are animated leaders and want to experience everything they can in life.

Yellow – If your favorite color is yellow you have a yearning for the new and modern . . . and you look forward to the future.

Blue – You are capable, trusting and convervative, and have a basic need for a calm, harmonious and tension-free existence.

Pink – Pink is welcomed by the affectionate and concerned individual. Romantic and demure, pink recalls a time of youth, dreams and refinement.

Green – Very intelligent, you understand new ideas. When you start something, you finish it. You are stable, balanced, and tend to be sensitive.

Brown  – Should you take comfort in brown. . . this may signify that you are a conscientious, dependable and steady person.

Hmmmm. . . the person who chooses white prefers simplicity and the innocence of their youth.

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